Gong For Garage (Walker Art Center, 2012)

A Javanese gong in the museum’s parking garage gives visitors an alternative experience of an intermediate (and highly mediated) space. 

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"Obviously Not Afraid of Failure"
(a compliment, I think)
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CookKIT (2012)

An open-source mobile kitchen is a moving platform for food-based community programming. It requires only basic skills and easily-sourced materials to build, allowing neighborhood groups to construct and adapt a cookKIT for specific uses.

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Sonic Articulation of Sunbeams (Bakken Museum, 2011)

with: Daniel Dean and Ben Moren

Small solar-activated sound devices are attached to a megaphone-shaped steel sculpture. The intensity of the sun affects the speed and duration of the mechanical pulses, creating a sonic depiction of solar power.

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Tönösauna (Art Shanty Project, 2012)

with: Daniel Dean, John Kim, John Moore, Molly Reichert

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Devices for the Aerial Investigation of Public Space (Regis Center for Art, 2011)

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